Thursday, November 14, 2013

Database of the Month: SIRS Knowledge Source

Spotlight on SIRS Knowledge Source. 

This mega database includes the following: Researcher, Government Reporter, Renaissance and WebSelect

It contains full-text articles exploring controversial social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political, global and current events issues. Articles and graphics are selected from 1,500 domestic and international publications.
  • The database contains summaries, overviews, Powerpoint slideshows, updated links and special in-depth features [monthly spotlight, comprehensive coverage of terrorism and natural disasters, Pro/Con, Curriculum Pathfinders, World Almanac and Maps.] World Conflicts explores 10 protracted, unresolved conflicts through maps, unbiased news articles, primary sources, books, and opinion pieces.
  • SIRS® Issues Researcher covers the leading issues most studied and debated by students. 
  • SIRS Government Reporter includes historic and government documents, directories and almanacs. 
  • SIRS Renaissance provides current perspectives on the Arts & Humanities and SIRS 
  • WebSelect features editorially selected web sites that are vetted daily.