Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mrs. Cameron ~ The Causes of American Imperialism

What are the causes of American Imperialism?

Key Vocabulary: 

  • Imperialism: The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. 
  • Nationalism: A feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries.

For this assignment you will research the causes of American Imperialism.  

Which of the following factors will influence American Imperialism the most and why? 

  • Economic factors
  • Nationalistic factors
  • Military factors
  • Humanitarian factors

Recommended information resources: 

Hawaiian Annexation

Annexation of Hawaii,1898: 

Annexing Hawaii: the Real Story 

The Panama Canal

Imperialism in Latin America: Panama Canal

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Declaration for the right to Libraries

Declare your right to Libraries!  


Do you love libraries? Do you believe everyone has the right to freely access ideas and information? You now have the opportunity to make a strong public statement about the value of libraries to individuals, communities and our nation.


Click here link to sign. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mrs. Cowan ~ American Poet Research

This quarter you will work on a research project based on an American poet.  Please follow all of the steps listed on your class handout. 

Helpful vocabulary.
            Primary source – A work written by the writer you have chosen study.
            Secondary source – A work written by someone else about the writer 
            you have chosen or his/her work.
            Annotate – to furnish with critical commentary or explanatory notes

You must use a variety of sources (books, articles, video, cds, etc) for this assignment.

Print Collection: Search our Destiny Library Catalog for your poet

Electronic Resources: 

VRC > Bloom's Literature and/ or Literature Resource Center 
Ebooks > Found on Destiny's home page and in Destiny Library Catalog

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mrs. Bischoff ~ The Cold War Research

Definition of Cold War: 1) A state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war, especially that which existed between the United States and Soviet Union following World War II.  2) A state of rivalry and tension between two factions, groups, or individuals that stop sort of open, violent confrontation.

You will be conducting research in preparation for a magazine page on the "Cold War".

See your class handout for more details on the assignment.

Available resources:

VRC Databases > History/Geography Section
  • ABC-CLIO World History/Modern Era (The Cold War Era)
  • SIRS Decades (1950's, 1960's, etc)
  •  Issues & Controversies in American History (NATO, Cuban Missile Crisis)
Ebook Collection (Access through Destiny Library Services
  • Communism and its Collapse 
  • Vietnam War
  • The Cold War
Print Collection (Search Destiny Library Catalog) 
  • The Cold War: A History in Documents
  • The Real History of the Cold War: A New Look at the Past
  • America, Russia, and the Cold War 1945-1984
  •  Encyclopedia of the Cold War- Political, Social, Military History
  •  and more.............................

See Mrs. Hatcher if you have any questions regarding additional resources.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mrs. Gandt~ English 11H Research Paper

Here is your opportunity to become a minor authority on one aspect of an American author.  You will also learn formal research paper techniques that you will use for this assignment and for assignments in your senior year and in college. The assignment will receive 3 MAJOR GRADES:  1) preliminary steps, 2) CONTENT (x 2) and 3) MLA format.  Therefore, in addition to the finished product, it is very important to do all preliminary steps on time and according to instructions.  If you do so and follow all other instructions and guidelines this assignment can be easy and enjoyable.


You will research and write a traditional research paper about a unique aspect of the writing style of your ‘Independent reading’ author.

As you start to learn about your author, you will develop a thesis about your author and his/her literature.  You will NOT just research the author’s life.   Your Independent Reading book will be your primary source.  Your THESIS STATEMENT may revolve around one of the following categories:
a)      the ethnic characteristics of your author’s works;
b)      a common theme in your author’s works;
c)      a person or event that had a major influence on your author;
d)      autobiographical aspects of your author’s literature;
e)      genre chosen;
f)       etc.

Get an OVERVIEW of your author and his/her literature by using the reference works on listed on the assignment on the blogspot ( *Virtual  Reference CollectionLiterature/Language→ Literature Resource Center or Bloom’s Literary reference→Search (author, etc.) will provide access to best info.   *See your school librarian for username and password for the VRC

Read several pieces about your author to begin to SELECT A THESIS relevant to your outside reading novel that will be used as a primary source.

SOURCE CARDS- See handout for example.  Mrs. "H." will instruct you in using Noodletools notecards during class.
CITATION of SOURCES:  A helpful website