Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dr. Brendel ~ Chemistry Research Assignment

Occupational Outlook Handbook
(located under Careers in the databases)
Summary:  This database contains information on descriptions of careers, work environment, education and training requirements, possibilities for advancement, job outlook, and the typical earnings. 

Example of occupations:  Chemists, Chemical Technicians, Biochemists and Biophysicists, etc.

Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to find out the following information. 

1)   The training and education needed for this job

2)   The potential earnings

3)   The expected job prospects in the near future

4)   What workers do on the job 

5)   The working conditions for this job.

6)   States with the best job markets for this type of work.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mrs. Porter ~ Argument Research Paper

Self-Selected Controversial Issue Project -
Socratic Discussion and Argument Research Paper

You will research one controversial issue of your choice and participate in an in-class Socratic discussion activity where you will defend and refute your own topic. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to explore and develop your own mastery of an issue currently debated and to discover new ways to analyze and discuss a controversial issue of personal interest. Bring your self-selected controversial issue research with you to school every day – you will refer to it each day in class during research sessions and class discussions.


-Euthanasia                     -Medical Marijuana and Legalization
-Immigration                               -Education- Common Core
-Standardized Testing                -College Affordability
-Gun Control       
-Electoral College and/or Party Delegates
-Same Sex Marriage

Some recommended information resources: 

VRC Databases:
  •  SIRS Knowledge Source
  •  Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  • eLibrary Curriculum Edition 

Book & eBooks: 
Search for your topic in our book collection at Destiny Library Services or GoFollett.com

Friday, May 13, 2016

Riggio AP World History ~ Important People in World History

Background Information:  The There are several themes that have existed throughout World History  These themes are Industrialization, Revolution and Independence Movements, Nationalism, Reform Movements, Imperialism and Emancipation.  These themes illustrate the changes that helped set in motion the increase in the power of the West in the world at large.

Task:  You are to choose one of the aforementioned themes of World History and discuss TWO individuals that personified that theme.  You are to discuss ONE Male and ONE Female.  They must be related to the same theme and have had similar goals, but they do NOT have to have worked together!  You should try to avoid people from the United States.  Papers should discuss the background information of each individual, the contributions/activities of each individual and their impact on World History.  Your introduction should include a thesis and examine the theme.  Your conclusion should establish a connection between the two individuals by comparing and contrasting their achievements.

Recommended Resources:

  • History Study Center
  • World Book Online (Choose Student Edition)
  • Biography Reference Center
  • ABC-CLIO World History Ancient & Medieval Eras
  • ABC-ClIO Modern Era
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers  
eBooks & Print Book Collection- 
  • Search our catalog by historical time period, persons, etc.