Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Riggo~Important Themes of the 19th Century

  The Assignment:
Background Information:  The umbrella of the 19th Century covers the time period of 1750 to 1914.  Historians refer to this period as The Long 19th Century and it is characterized by several themes which have shaped the world we live in today.  These themes are Industrialization, Revolution and Independence Movements, Nationalism, Reform Movements, Imperialism and Emancipation.  These themes illustrate the changes that helped set in motion the increase in the power of the West in the world at large.

Task:  You are to choose one of the aforementioned themes of the 19th Century and discuss TWO events or inventions that exemplify that theme.  You are to discuss TWO different events or inventions.  They must be related to the same theme and have had similar goals, but they do NOT have to be from the same area!  You should try to avoid events from the United States, but you may use ONE event from the U.S..  Papers should discuss the background information of each event, the course or activities of each event and its impact on World History.  Your introduction should include a thesis and examine the theme.  Your conclusion should establish a connection between the two by comparing and contrasting their achievements.

Available Resources: 

Destiny Library Services> Search Catalog for books on your topic
(e.g. Keywords: Imperialism, Industrialization)
VRC Databases> ABC-CLIO World History: the Modern Era, History Study Center