Noodletools- How To: work cited, notecards

Noodle Tools

  • To access your Noodle Tools account, go to OR find it in Destiny
under Academic Integrity.  
  • VRC – username:  wardmelville  password:  tvcsd8
  • Log on to noodletools with your username & password that you use for computer network
  • Select “Create a New Project”, choose a bibliographic format
          (MLA> Advanced) & name the project – select “create project”
  • To open an existing project, go to your list of projects and select a project

Creating a Bibliographic Entry (Citation)

  • Open the project and choose “Works Cited” (left hand side) OR “Bibliography” (top)
  • Select the type of citation you would like to create from the drop down menu (book, website, database, etc.) and select “Continue”
  • Follow the prompts and fill in as much information as you can
  • For a book, you may use the “shortcut” and enter the ISBN number (or title) and select “Search”
    1. Click on your choice and choose “Import Selected Source”
    2. Click “Continue”
    3. Check for errors, and click “Submit”

Creating a Note Card

  • Open your project
  • Go to the citation you want to link to a new note card
  • To the right, under note cards, it will say “new” or “show”
  • To create a new card – select “new”
  • To add to a note card you have already created, select “show”, choose “edit”
  • Remember to SAVE any changes
  • To organize, group cards in piles by stacking them up, and name the pile
  • You can also create a new note card by going to “Note Cards” and clicking “new note card”
  • Make sure all cards are linked to a source!

Drop Box (sharing project with the teacher)

  • Open the project to the “Dashboard”
  • Go to “Sharing”
  • Click on “Share project with a teacher’s drop box”
  • Make sure your name appears in the bottom box
  • Start typing your teacher’s name
  • Select the proper drop box & select “share project”


  • Open you project and select “Note Cards”
  • On the right hand side, you will see “Outline”
  • To add a topic (Roman Numeral) select the green circle
  • To add a subtopic (Letter A, B, etc.), click on the topic (it will be in yellow) and click the green circle
  • To add a supporting detail to a subtopic, click on the subtopic (it will be in yellow) and select the green circle
  • Drag your note cards to the correct topic to plan your paper
  • You can drag a pile of note cards at the same time

Printing Outline or Note Cards

  • Click the printer button  
  • Select outline OR outline with note cards - HTML
  • Click “Submit”
  • Deselect all boxes EXCEPT “Quotation, Paraphrase & My Ideas” & print


  • If you are prompted to “revalidate” your account 
          username: tvcsd  password:  school
  • If the note cards are not loading, try the “refresh button”
  • If you get little red xxx (page not loading) try refresh, back arrow
  • If your note cards seem to “disappear”, look in the bottom left hand corner for the little black dots and move them with your mouse until they reappear
  • To make changes to a project (rename, delete, etc) choose “Option” - on the right hand side and select item you want to change
  • Changes to an outline are saved automatically, but you must SAVE every time you work on a note card
  • Watch the helpful Power Point presentations to learn about creating citations
  • On the “Dashboard” make use of Research Question & Thesis Statement boxes
  • Note that there are 3 boxes/notecard – Direct Quotation, Paraphrase, & My Ideas
  • REMEMBER – All notecards must be linked to a source!

Adopted from original document, courtesy of C. Tietjen, 2013

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