Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mrs. Gandt- English 10 R- The I-Search Paper

The I-Search Paper
Notes based on The I Search Paper (1988) by Ken Macrorie
MLA info:

The I-Search Paper directly involves you, the writer, into both process (searching for info) and product (the writing about that search).  It challenges the concept that research is the searching again for information already documented.  If you have never searched for information on the topic before, there is little re about it.  You will connect to the topic in a unique way that cannot be ignored.

The paper will have five written components:
1.                  My Question   (and why I decided to research this question)  “I” format
2.                  My Search Process   (the story of the hunt)  “I” format
3.                  What Has Been Learned (connect findings to the original question) NOT “I” format
4.                  What This Means To Me (how has researching this question changed you)  “I” format
5.                  Works Cited Page (all references in alphabetical order using MLA)
6.                  Oral Presentation ( speech, skit, poster, video, or some other exhibition of knowledge to be presented to the class)  January 2012

For more information on your assignment go to the class handout section of this blog (left hand side).

Also, See your librarian, Mrs. Hatcher for further assistance with the VRC online databases and with citing your sources (Noodletools, etc.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ms. Kraemer- Social Studies- Nationalist Movement: The Unification of Germany and Italy

Historical Background:  Nationalist movements led to the creation of several new nations across Europe during the mid-1800s.
TASK:  Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.  Attach this sheet to your responses.  COUNTS AS A QUIZ GRADE.  Due Monday 11/15.

  1. What is nationalism?

  1. What are the possible results of nationalism?

  1. How can nationalism be a unifying force on a group of people?

  1. How did nationalism lead to the creation of nation-states in BOTH Italy and Germany? (Briefly describe)

  1. Identify the following individuals and identify what each individual’s role was in the unification process of Italy:
    1. Giuseppe Mazzini
    2. Camillo Cavou
    3. Giuseppe Garibaldi

  1. Who is Otto Von Bismarck?
7.  What was his role in German Unification?
  1.  What is Otto Von Bismarck’s policy of “Blood and Iron”?

  1. What is a Kaiser?

  1. Who is the first Kaiser of the unified Germany?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sra.Gisela Muller-----Presentaciones

LAS MODAS DE LAS DÉCADAS EN LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS de los años/50's/60's/70's/80's/90's Rubrica Todo Estará hecho en ACCIONE EL PUNTO (Power Point)Usen libros, la Red y citación Buscan informes sobre:1. el estilo de vestirse 2. La música 3. Las modos de transporte (carros, etc.) 4. Tecnología 5. Estilos del cabello 6. Avances de médicina 7. Palabras de moda 8. Personas de moda 9. Personas importantes 10. Pasatiempos populares 11. Noticias importantes 12. ESCOJAN UN PAIS HISPANOHABLANTE Y COMPAREN Y CONTRASTEN LOS ELEMENTOS DEL 1-11  Recurso de la Biblioteca Sitio   

Due: November 28, 2011
Base de Datos
Virtual Reference Collection
ABC-CLIO American History
World Book Online
Gale Cengage Learning Databases
Student Resources in Context