Friday, March 30, 2012

Mrs. Gandt ~ English 11 R ~ College Comparison Research Project

College Comparison


  1. Find two or three colleges that interest you.  Look through Naviance and periodicals, either electronic or print form.  Make a copy.
  2. Scan the articles/information for needed info
  3. Areas to be discussed:
§  Areas of study/ Programs/ Academic Focus
§  Location/Transportation/Geographic Location
§  Campus Setting/ Campus Safety/ Campus Size
§  Public vs. Private/ Religious vs. Nondenominational
§  Cost
§  Class Size/ Student Body Size
§  Reputation/
§  Extracurricular Activities
§  Structured vs. Free Environment
§  Retention Rates/ Graduation Rates
  1. Find two more companion articles that include related information, especially that which is concerned with your colleges.
  2. Use the NoodleTools to organize your Works Cited Page and the Note Card feature so info cannot be lost.  Ms. Hatcher will review.
 SEE CLASS HANDOUTS (left side of blog) FOR STEPS 1 THOUGH 4 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mrs. Domino ~ Childcare/ECE ~ My Plate Lesson

Please log on to

1.     Scroll pictures across to find BLAST OFF GAME- play until the rocket blasts off.
2.     Go to Supertracker then click to food tracker.  Using what you ate yesterday fill in the food tracker and compare to nutrition targets. Use FOOD-A-PEDIA to see how many calories are in your favorite dishes/snacks.

3.     Go to Physcial Activity Tracker to see how you activity is impacting your health-what small adjustments can you implement to make it better???
4.     GO BACK TO MAIN SCREEN. Click on Educators/Teachers. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Lessons 1, 2, 3.

5.     FIND A LESSON you like and print it out. Write you name on top and hand in before you leave the library.  Must be different from others in your group.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sra. Gisela Muller-----Foreign Languages Department-----Los Pintores

                                  The Diego Rivera Mural at San Francisco Art Institute
            "The Making of a Fesco Showing the Building of a City ("Making a Fresco" ) (1931) is one of four murals in the Bay Area painted by Mexican Deigo Rivera (1886-1957)"



Sra. Muller/Spanish 4 Project Title: Los Pintores

Due: April 16, 2012

You are working in pairs.

You will have four days in the Library (March 27, 28, 29 and 30)

Directions: Using art books in the library, online databases and quality websites you will...

1. Select 4 paintings from any Spanish or Mexcican Painter.

2. Discuss the style of the 4 works of art and explain the theme of the paintings. Write each summary in Spanish.

3. Choose 1 of the 4 paintings and write a paragraph in Spanish why you like the work (a paragraph consists of at least 6 sentences).

4. The project will be presented to the class orally on April 16.

5. Provide a biograpahy about the painters.

6. You will receive an oral and written grade.

Presentations to be placed on powerpoint and presented orally.

Library Resources

Online Databases

Virtual Reference Collection (See these 4 databases)
  • Art Museum Image Gallery
  • Literature Resource Center 
  • Biography Reference Bank Select Edition
  • World Book Online

Helpful search hints = Keywords (Spanish Painters, Mexican Painters)

Gale Student Resources in Context (located on Library web page)

(search for books in our collection)

Academic Integrity
(cite your sources)
Please consult your VRC handout for home access passwords

Print Resources
REF 709.2 CON Tom Pendergast (ed), Contemporary Artists
REF 703 ENC Bernard S. Meyers (ed.), Encyclopedia of World Art
REF 973 ENC Ilan Stavans, Encyclopedia Latina
921 GOY Evan S. Connell, Francisco Goya
759 VEN Piero Ventura, Great Painters
REF 703 INT James Vinson (ed.), International Dictionary of Art and Artists
759.6 SCH Richard Schikel, The World of Goya, 1746-1828
a book cart is available for student use