Monday, October 22, 2012

Mr. Oatis~ Greek Mythology

OMGods and Monsters!

Mythology Project

In the absence of science, both the Greeks and Romans used myths to explain the natural world. Everything from the weather to the prospects for the harvest— even death itself—was explained by a mythical tale.
These myths were widely known by most all Greeks, and were used by playwrights as a way for the audience to better understand the actions of the characters, by way of comparison to the myth.


Working with a partner, research one of these popular Greek myths and present your story to the class. The myth my be about a god or goddess, event, or place. The story should be compelling and its telling should take about 10 minutes.

Visual Aids:
You will be required to use a visual aid in the relation of your story. You may use any means available, such as oak tag. If you prefer technology, you can utilize computer graphics.

Citation Requirement:
A minimum of three MLA citations are required. Use the Ward Melville High School Information Center’s VRC databases to locate and research these myths, and generate accurate citations.

The project is due Wednesday, October 24.

May the gods be with you!!!!


Internet Public Library-Greek Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica

Encyclopdia of Greek Mythology

Library ResourcesVirtual Reference Collection
Encyclopedia- World Book Online
Bloom's Literary Reference Online
ABC-CLIO World History/Ancient and
Medieval Eras

Gale Cengage Learning Databases
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Literature Resource Center

Academic Integrity
NoodleTools Citation System
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