Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mrs. DiIorio~The Literary Lens: Exploring Truths in the Worlds of Fiction


Feed is a book about the future. MT Anderson asks us to explore the relationship between technology and humanity. While MT Anderson’s book may exaggerate some visions of our society and future, he does raise questions about our reliance on technology and the possible consequences. For this assignment, you will research key topics related to the novel.

The goal of this assignment is to analyze a current issue/event/trend that suggests a theme from Anderson’s novel. Consider the work to be a mirror of an issue we wrestle with today or a trend we should approach cautiously. Describe how the themes in Anderson’s fictional world are seen as true and relevant in our society.

Here is a list of possible themes:
  • The effects of technology on language. Think of how language has evolved or devolved because of technology. What does it mean to be a language purist? Why is language “morphing” good or bad?
  • Explore corporate influences on public education (think about scholarships for athletes, advertisements in school settings, etc.)
  • The effect of industrial production on the environment (think BP Oil Spill of 2010, pollution, deforestation).
  • Marketing bombardment (the consequences and its prevalence)
  • The effect of technology on relationships and socialization. How does our collective use of social media make our world larger? Smaller?
  • The need to “buy” or purchase. (Our visions of self worth through material possessions) Explore teenage spending habits. What do the statistics suggest about young people’s “investments”? What accounts for these habits?
  •  Consider the ethics of a certain company or the idea of outsourcing.
  • Technology and privacy.  Many websites track your online activity. For what reasons? Is it entirely ethical?
  • Technology replacing humans. (Think of Google cars and even drones (if you want to go there)).
  • America’s self-centeredness (I know it seems unfair but…)

Your essay must conform to current MLA formatting. Your final paper should be 4-6 pages, double spaced, 12-font.

Recommended resources for this assignment: 

In the VRC:  See the following databases located in the Pro/Con section
  • SIRS Discoverer
  • eLibrary
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context)  
Websites:  Evaluate all websites!  Look for reliability, credibility, authority, and perspective. 

Note: You need to narrow your topics and also choose keywords or descriptors that work best when searching.  

Here is an example from your assignment handout.   

Explore corporate influences on public education (think about scholarships for athletes, advertisements in school settings, etc.)

Keyword descriptors -    Corporate sponsorships; Sports sponsorship;  Advertising, schools

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