Monday, March 30, 2015

Indigenous Tribes of Latin America~Muller

Group Project: Qt. 3   Due Date: April 17

Indigenous Tribes of Latin America

Kaqchikel girls

Rubric: Working in pairs for 4 days in the library.

Create a Power Point in Spanish: Include the following topics per slide:
  1. Language
  2. Cultural Information/Way of Life
  3. History
  4. Where are they located?
  5. List of 6 indigenous words and their meanings.
  6. Population (are they still in existence).
Images: include images of village life, daily chores, map of the country they resided in).

Country: Tribes (Click on a tribe's link to get started)

Additional Information Resources you can consult:

VRC databases: Click on this link to open it up.  Use the username & password provided by your librarian, Mrs. Hatcher
  • CulturGrams World Edition (located under History/Geography section)
  • World Atlas- World Geography & Culture (located under History/Geography section)
  • Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia  (located under Encyclopedia section)

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