Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Noodletools for Graduating Seniors

NoodleTools for graduating seniors

Many students "grow up" with NoodleTools, and we look forward to supporting the leap to college. Ensure continued access to existing high-school projects, and be prepared for that first college research paper. For a limited time, graduating high-schoolers are eligible for a special promotional rate! Only $15 for access all the way through September 2016. Students can sign up themselves, or parents can help out. Click to learn more:

Thousands of college and graduate students use individual NoodleTools subscriptions to scaffold the first-year experience and expanding research needs.

College Professor
"This is an online tool created by folks who have deep, long-term investments in how students learn and how we can scaffold without stifling."

University Librarian
"I have never found a friendlier, more helpful, more responsive, more ethical website than yours."

High-School Librarian
"NoodleTools helps us do an excellent job of preparing our high school students for academic research, as many of them write to tell us from the rigorous 4 year institutions to which they matriculate. In fact, many (most?) of our students subscribe as individuals once they matriculate to college because the tool is comprehensive (creates APA, MLA, and Chicago style bibliographic citations), is integrated with note-taking and outlining software, and is familiar to them with its organizational tools like the Dashboard."

Damon Abilock
NoodleTools Co-Founder

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