Monday, December 19, 2011

Candreva ~ The Arugmentative Research Assignment

In this assignment, students are required to present an argument of their choosing.  Remember that argumentation  musters proof and brings it forth in order to persuade, defend, or, at times attack. In that stricter sense this process of writing is logical and formal. An exposition paper strives to explain, argumentation strives to win. 

Assignment Description:

You are to research a debatable topic.  Almost anything can become controversial, so be mindful in your choice of content.  You will be expected to create a clear, argumentative thesis statement, supporting it with specific examples, and using MLA format to incorporate material from secondary sources by summarizing, paraphrasing, and directly quoting. 

A minimum of five sources must be used, three of which must be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.  Your other sources can come from websites, magazines, interviews, and other valid resources. 

Your librarian, Mrs. Hatcher, will provide an overview of some recommended resourcesIn addition, she will provide instruction in using the Noodletools Citation maker for creating a Work Cited page.

For example:

VRC > Issues & Controveries for suggested topics.

See Class Handouts on the left side of this blog for a copy of this assignment.

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