Monday, December 19, 2011

Mr. Sterne~ Great Moral Issues Assignment

After paticipating in this lesson, students should have a greater awareness of the methods of addressing difficult social/moral ethical issues- an issue of their own choosing.

Researching a moral issue

Objectives for this assignment > Students will be able to:

Choose a moral/ethical social issue that sparks interest;
Describe the elements that make this topic such an issue;
Indentify and Evaluate the conflicting ponts of view concerning this topic;
Promulgate public policy;
Self-evaluate the process involved with this project from start to finish;
Defend thier conclusions and their proposal;
Participate, in a theorectical way, in the governmental process;

Materials: All printed and electronic research material available in the Information Center; class discussion; home computer/internet research; public library material; teacher-supplied materials; project manual.

Mr. Stern will distribute the project guidelines, grading rubric, investigative procedure flow chart, and self-evaluation and processing materials.  This material is then fully explained.  The objectives of the proejct and expectations are then discussed in depth.  Students will then be requested to choose a topic to explore.  Class time will be given to conduct much of the research.  As part of this phase, the students receive an orientation to the Ward Melville Information Center.  Mrs. Hatcher will provide suggestions regarding research techniques, both printed and electronic.  *Handouts for access to all of the Information Center resources will be given out during class time.

Recommended Information Resources:

In print: Check the OPAC (Search Plus) online book catalog for a topic of interest.

Examples > Gun Control, Cigarette Warning Labels, Hydrofracking, etc.

Electronic: Go to the VRC online databases > Issues & Controversies in American History or Issues & Controversies

*Extra handouts with directions to the VRC are located at the front desk in the Library Information Center

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