Friday, March 30, 2012

Mrs. Gandt ~ English 11 R ~ College Comparison Research Project

College Comparison


  1. Find two or three colleges that interest you.  Look through Naviance and periodicals, either electronic or print form.  Make a copy.
  2. Scan the articles/information for needed info
  3. Areas to be discussed:
§  Areas of study/ Programs/ Academic Focus
§  Location/Transportation/Geographic Location
§  Campus Setting/ Campus Safety/ Campus Size
§  Public vs. Private/ Religious vs. Nondenominational
§  Cost
§  Class Size/ Student Body Size
§  Reputation/
§  Extracurricular Activities
§  Structured vs. Free Environment
§  Retention Rates/ Graduation Rates
  1. Find two more companion articles that include related information, especially that which is concerned with your colleges.
  2. Use the NoodleTools to organize your Works Cited Page and the Note Card feature so info cannot be lost.  Ms. Hatcher will review.
 SEE CLASS HANDOUTS (left side of blog) FOR STEPS 1 THOUGH 4