Monday, December 10, 2012

Mrs. Domino: F.A.C.S. ~ Preschoolers Emotional Development Essay

Your assigment:

Find an article on emotional development of preschoolers 4-6 and type and attach article to it.

Some suggested topics:

Sibling rivalry
Separation anxiety
Violent behavior

Be prepared to read what you have written(so proofread) and give at least 2 suggestions for the problem you researched. The suggestions would be as if you were an Early Childhood Educator and was giving advice to a parent or fellow colleague. This will be handed in to me and counted as a test grade.

Suggested Resources: Website

Pampers Village website. This section of the site contains questions/answers to common behavior problems in preschooler.  Emotional development topics listed separately.

Social-Emotional Develoment in Young Children.  A general information source which gives scenarios of different emotional behaviors of preschoolers.

Growing Together: Preschooler Development. This article offers some general information on preschooler development.

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