Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sra. Muller~Spanish 4~Qt. 2 Project~Los Deportes

Señora Muller/ Español 4
Qt. 2 Project

No translator can be used for this project. Dictionaries will be available for all in the library.

Access Library Resources through DESTINY

Online Databases (VRC)

Academic Integrity

Los Deportes
1. tendran 3 dias en la biblioteca

2. Hagan un folleto de una escuela de__________(deporte)
3. Necesitan 4 paginas del folleto
4. Use p. 94

Las Paginas:
a. p.1  como p.94
b. p. 2 son como p.94  y contestan las preguntas:
    ¿Cuales paises en Latina America y España se puede participar en este deporte? (una o   
    dos frases)
    Qué beneficios fiscios oferce este deporte.
c. p.3 paquete de 1 día/ paquete de 3 días
 p. 4 work cited page (10 points will be lost if this is missing)
    (use un libro de la biblioteca, los sitios de la Red educativa, Google solamente para

Due: 12/21/12

1. You will have 3 days in the library
2. Make a brochure about a school of (sport)
(use p. 94 from the textbook as an example)
3. You need 4 pages for your brochure
a. p1 p. 94
b. p. 2 like p. 94 and answer the following questions in at least two to three complete sentences.
What countries in Latin America and Spain can you participate in this sport? Why did you choose this sport?
c. p. 3 one day and 3 day packages
p. 4 work cited page (You will lose 10 points if missing)
(use one library book, database, educational websites, Google only for images)

Grading Rubric

Sra. Muller & Mr. Miller/Spanish 4/Qt 2 Project: Los Deportes
Rubrics: Points
Due December 21, 2012(10) ____________________
Brochure Format (20) ____________________
Spanish usage without translator (30) ____________________
Followed format on p.96 (15) ____________________
Creativity/ Originality (10) ____________________
Utilized website & cited sources (15) ____________________

total: (100) ________________

See Mrs. Hatcher if you have any questions or need assistance with the recommended information resources and work cited format.

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