Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mrs. Gandt~ English 11H Research Paper

Here is your opportunity to become a minor authority on one aspect of an American author.  You will also learn formal research paper techniques that you will use for this assignment and for assignments in your senior year and in college. The assignment will receive 3 MAJOR GRADES:  1) preliminary steps, 2) CONTENT (x 2) and 3) MLA format.  Therefore, in addition to the finished product, it is very important to do all preliminary steps on time and according to instructions.  If you do so and follow all other instructions and guidelines this assignment can be easy and enjoyable.


You will research and write a traditional research paper about a unique aspect of the writing style of your ‘Independent reading’ author.

As you start to learn about your author, you will develop a thesis about your author and his/her literature.  You will NOT just research the author’s life.   Your Independent Reading book will be your primary source.  Your THESIS STATEMENT may revolve around one of the following categories:
a)      the ethnic characteristics of your author’s works;
b)      a common theme in your author’s works;
c)      a person or event that had a major influence on your author;
d)      autobiographical aspects of your author’s literature;
e)      genre chosen;
f)       etc.

Get an OVERVIEW of your author and his/her literature by using the reference works on listed on the assignment on the blogspot ( *Virtual  Reference CollectionLiterature/Language→ Literature Resource Center or Bloom’s Literary reference→Search (author, etc.) will provide access to best info.   *See your school librarian for username and password for the VRC

Read several pieces about your author to begin to SELECT A THESIS relevant to your outside reading novel that will be used as a primary source.

SOURCE CARDS- See handout for example.  Mrs. "H." will instruct you in using Noodletools notecards during class.
CITATION of SOURCES:  A helpful website

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